Studio Land Arts
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Sweeping mounds and curvilinear paths conceal stormwater flow.


This project utilizes the french drain as the primary method of directing water through the site.  The drains are concealed within the pathways.  Gabion retention walls made from galvanized steel mesh panels and filled with rip rap create a distinctive garden detail that accentuates the garden mounds


A Raingarden that captures and recirculates. 

Trespass garden is sandwiched between two buildings and is designed primarily to capture and direct rainwater.  The garden features a reservoir fed by a channel that carries rainwater from the buildings downspouts.  The reservoir is fitted with a pump that circulates water to a planter situated above.  The entire system is concealed within a distinctive architectural facade.  Other features include architectural panels cast from cement and paper pulp, custom made pavers designed to direct water and prohibit foot-traffic, and steel fence material and components re-purposed as edging.  Trespass garden epitomizes the thinking of Studio Land Arts.      


An experimental GAZEBO puts the art in Studio Land Arts

Studio Land Arts likes to tow the line between Art and Design.  Gazebo is a project that veers into the realm of art with a more poetic nod to water but a definite commitment to material exploration and form.  Gazebo is what happens when Studio Land Arts is generating its own problems to solve.